Ofsted and Diocesan Inspections

Ofsted inspection  9th January 2018.

St Cuthbert’s was inspected in the short inspection cycle.  The school is graded as a good school and a full copy of the inspection letter can be viewed here.  Quotes from the letter include:

‘You, your staff and the governors all display a passionate commitment to meeting the needs of the pupils…..The school does much to help younger children quickly acquire language and the curriculum effectively promotes children‚Äôs rights and an understanding of British values. Aspirations are high for every pupil and this is typified through the ‚Äėbright futures‚Äô initiative…..’

Diocesan inspection May 2018.

A full copy of the report can be viewed here. Quotes from report:- ‚ÄėIt is a very welcoming family community, helping pupils to develop their faith in a safe, friendly and enjoyable environment.’¬† ‚ÄėThere is an outstanding understanding of the school’s mission as staff and pupils share its purpose and actively participate in developing and supporting it. ‚ÄėThe headteacher has set a very high standard for Collective Worship ………..the abundant prayerful and reflective opportunities offered contribute to the deep spiritual formation of pupils and staff.’

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Diocesan Inspection Report May 2018 

Final Inspection Letter January 2018

Ofsted Report December 2012 

The report of the catholic life of the school and religious education can be viewed below: Denomination Report 2013 School performance tables can be found at :‘School Performance Tables’

201 Key Stage 2 SATs Results

Cohort of 25 pupils 1 child = 4% Attainment:

Reading attainment                     =    60% Expected      12% Greater Depth

Reading average ‘scaled score’ ¬†=¬† 101

Writing attainment                       =     72% Expected     20% Greater Depth

Maths attainment                        =      64% Expected     4% Greater Depth

Maths average ‘scaled score’ ¬† ¬† =¬†¬†100

Combined Reading, Writing & Maths = 48%  Expected    0% Greater Depth

Grammar, Punctuation & Spelling =      52% Expected    12% Greater Depth

GPS¬†average ‘scaled score’¬†¬†¬† = 101


Reading progress score (confidence interval in brackets) =  -1.5 (-3.9 to 0.9)

Writing progress score (confidence interval in brackets)   =   1.9 (-0.4 to 4.2)

Maths progress score (confidence interval in brackets)    =   -1.9 (-4.1 to 0.3)

2017 Floor Standards In 2018, a school will be above floor standards if:

  • at least 65% of pupils meet the expected standard in English reading, writing and mathematics
  • the school achieves sufficient progress scores in all three subjects. At least -5 in English reading, -5 in mathematics and -7 in English writing

St Cuthbert’s R.C. Primary School is above Floor Standards and is not considered a coasting school.

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