Phonics Programme

At St Cuthbert’s RC Primary School we view early reading as the gateway to the curriculum.  To accelerate reading at the earliest age, we use a programme of phonics which is started with our youngest children (in our nursery classes) and continued throughout key stage one.  Expectations are high and it is our intention that every child enters key stage two as a competent and fluent reader.  To reach this, we have devised a term by term progressive system which allows us to ensure that where children are not quite at the expected level for their age, swift interventions will be put in place to ensure your child catches up quickly and continues to succeed.

Within the phonics programme your child will learn:

  • Sound to letter/group of letters correlation
  • To use ‘Fred Talk’ to blend and segment words for reading and also for spelling
  • To read aloud to others
  • To show their understanding of stories though discussion and questioning
  • To enjoy reading and share their opinions of books with others

To give parents more information and share how they can best support their children’s reading, a parents’ meeting is arranged early in the Autumn term.  As always, if you have any questions or queries or if you would like more help in enjoying reading with your child, talk to us here at school.

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