Forest Schools

Forest Schools

Spring Term – Monday 3:15-4:30

Welcome to Forest Schools web page.

At St Cuthbert’s Forest Schools Club we aim to introduce children to the fun, amazing and exciting experience of growing plants and vegetables as well giving the children opportunities to experience all the outdoors has to offer.

We teach them some of the skills needed to grow, sow, harvest and care for a variety of plants and vegetables in a hands on experiential way.

Activities at the club include:

  • Den making
  • Fire building
  • Using tools
  • Cooking
  • Planting
  • Harvesting
  • Composting
  • Maintaining garden areas
  • Making Poppy Wreaths

We are transforming our outdoor environment, by digging our garden, raking our paths, planting vegetables and seeds. We have built a fire pit, which the children use for cooking. We have also planted trees to start our own forest area.

We have a hard working team made up of children from year 3 to year 6. They are supported by brilliant adults including both teaching staff and parents.


Mrs Glover

Mrs Dennis

Mrs Strachan

Miss Vincent

In Forest schools club we have been practising our knot tying skills to make figure of eight and simple stopper knots.

We went out into the school grounds and used natural materials to make characters from the books we have been reading in class.


Picture 1- Knot tying


Picture 5  Roald Dahl’s Matilda- Jamelia



Picture 6- Stig of the Dump-Will H and Lewis T.



The Gruffalo – Matilda G


Picture 14 – The Hodgeheg Morgan K and Morgan S.







Den builders extraordinaire!

In Forest Schools club we used natural materials to make our very own dens! We had to work as a team, using wood and leaves to construct them. We also learned how to do the clove hitch knot so that we could carry wood safely.


Here is us starting to build our den. We can’t wait to see the end product!!                          


Its hard work this den building!!!          



This is great fun!!!


Wow!! Look at what we achieved!! It’s awesome!!!