Year 5 (19-20) Today

Wednesday 1st April 2020

Word of the Day

Complete the word of the day activities.

Feel like a challenge? Try this – Can you think of a synonym and antonym for the word? Can you use the word in a sentence? Can you use the word at some point during the day?

Word Of The Day – 01.4.20



Palm Sunday

Watch the video link below:

Discuss the video as a family, considering how everyone felt during Jesus’ arrival.



Imagine you have just visited a theme park. Tomorrow you are going to write a diary entry about your day.

Today you need to plan your diary entry using the planning format given.

Use the given diary samples to help you understanding what a diary looks like.

English – Diary Examples – 01.4.20

English – Diary Plan – 01.4.20

Remember to also read daily.



Written Subtraction. Answer the questions on Challenge B.

Not quite ready for the main one? Try this – Challenge A.

Feel like a challenge? Try this – Challenge C.

Maths – Written Subtraction – 01.4.20


Creative Topic

Read this information page on friction.

Friction – 01.4.20

Watch the video, read the information and play the games on this page:

Answer the following questions in your workbook:

  • What is friction?
  • What sort of surface should a slide have so that you could go down it really fast?
  • Why do we have good grips on our shoes?
  • What sort of surface should a ramp have to prevent people slipping?
  • What is produced when two surfaces are rubbed together?

Fancy a challenge? Try this – Now that you’re a friction expert, create a poster about friction and present it to your family to teach them!


Online Education

Your child has been given the login information for the online learning resources listed below:

  • Reading Plus
  • Timestable Rockstars
  • Spelling Shed

We ask that your child completes 60 minutes of each programme per week.


Daily Exercise

Aim for at least 1 hour of exercise daily. This could be broken into 6x 10 minute blocks if preferred.

  • Body Coach Live. Open the following link to access The Body Coach YouTube page for today’s live children’s workout at 9am.
  • Body Coach 5 min school workout (YouTube)
  • Just Dance (YouTube)
  • BBC Supermovers
  • Go for a walk/play ball games/bike ride/scooter etc.

If you are unable to access online material, use example below for suggested 5 minute workout:

40 seconds star jumps, 20 seconds rest

40 seconds spot sprint, 20 seconds rest

40 seconds squats, 20 seconds rest

40 seconds ladder climbs, 20 seconds rest

40 seconds plank, 20 seconds rest