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Yarm Road Methodist Church Holiday Club

Yarm Road Methodist Church are holding a holiday club running from Monday 1st to Friday 5th August from 10am-12.15pm and will include light refreshments.  This year’s theme is inventors seen through the stories of Matthew’s Gospel. Every day will be based around a different story and will include songs, games, drama, craft and lots and lots of fun. The holiday club is free and open to all children aged 5-11yrs who attend school, however we are asking if you can afford a £1 donation per child per day, that would help cover costs. Letter’s have been given to children and the consent form needs to be completed. For extra forms please contact Tom or Anne Day on 01642-616992.

There is also afternoon sessions which are very popular and each child will be offered at least two sessions. The sessions will include a wool dyeing and knitting workshop and marshal arts. They are hoping to bring a drama workshop to the afternoon sessions but this is to be confirmed. The sessions will cost no more than £4.00 per session but places are limited, so please book as soon as possible.

They will be holding another special family fun night on the Friday 5th August from 6.00-7.30pm. This will be free for all family and friends of the children attending and will feature entertainment, food and a chance to see what has been going on.

Tom and Anne Day  Phone: 01642-616992   Email: annie.day@ntlworld.com

Stockton Borough Council is currently consulting on a revised Home to School transport policy. 

The consultation is open until 5th July 2016. You can access the proposed policy and response form by following this link www.stockton.gov.uk/consultation.

The local authority is reviewing its policy so it reflects the statutory guidance set by the Department for Education. The key proposed changes to the existing policy, which are being considered, are:

    The introduction of a published appeals process in line with that suggested in the statutory guidance

       The introduction, in policy terms, of the commitment of the Council to maintain the stability of school placement for children taken into the care of the local authority, through the provision of transport

    The removal of access to free transport where parents have preferred a school purely on the grounds of faith, other than those for whom entitled rights are in place on the basis of income.

 Parents and carers should note that this will not affect children currently in school nor those who have a place in Reception or Year 7 for September 2016. The proposed policy, if adopted, will affect children taking up reception places or placed in Year 7 at secondary school from September 2017 onward.

 The Council welcomes your views on this policy.’

 Many thanks

Lynda Brown

Head of Projects (Education/Early years)