Nursery is part of our Early Years (EY) Key Stage at St Cuthbert’s, a distinct stage of education that children experience from the ages of 3 to 5 years.

Within our school, the Early Years Key Stage comprises of two sections; Lower EY (Nursery) and Upper EY (Reception).  The EY follows a curriculum that places learning and achievement firmly within the context of play, practical and experiential learning.

At St Cuthbert’s we use a document called This is me Moving Forward (click the link). This document gives us a fuller picture of your child, so that we can give them the best start at St Cuthbert’s. We usually fill this document out with you during our home visit.

Nursery Admissions

From their third birthday, all children are entitled to 15 hours nursery provision. In our Nursery, we have places for 52 children and operate a selection of 15-hour attendance arrangements.

We also offer an additional 15 hours for those people who are eligible for 30 hours free childcare under new government arrangements.  Full details of this benefit can be obtained from:

At St Cuthbert’s Catholic Primary School we offer:

Universal 15 hours Offer

  • Morning Session-15 hours am Monday – Friday (8.45am-11.45am)

Extended 30 hours Offer

  • 30 hours Mon – Fri (8.45am – 3.00pm) – Children to bring their own lunch
  • Parents eligible to take up the offer of 30 hours must apply for their eligibility code as soon as possible and return it to school for checking.  Please check here to see if you are eligible

Before your child starts with us, we offer stay and play sessions, where your child can come for short sessions (60 minutes) to experience the setting.

Should you wish for your child to attend St Cuthbert’s Catholic Primary School Nursery, please contact us on 01642 601567 or email to add your child to the waiting list and arrange an appointment for a stay and play.

We currently have places available in nursery to start in September 2020. Please contact the school for further details.

Evidence Me

In order to capture your child’s ‘learning journey’, we use a system called Evidence Me.

The ‘Parent Share’ feature in Evidence Me enables you to view reports (complete with photos) via the app or web suite, showing you what your child has been learning and the new skills they are developing.

You can send us your comments and feedback by simply adding them to the reports. This will help our staff to support your child even more effectively in the classroom.

You can also take an active role in contributing to your child’s observation portfolio by uploading your own observations, simply add these to the app or web suite. All we need is for you to fill out the letter with your email address.  Evidence me letter for parents

Please visit for further information and guidance.

As well as Evidence me, you can share your child’s achievements and keep us informed via the class email

Useful Links and Documents


Uniform Letter 2020 Nursery


Family Hub Service



Services include:

  • Midwife and Health Visitor sessions.
  • Activity sessions including volunteer led stay and play.
  • A programme of workshops on a number of themes right across the 0 – 19 age range.
  • Our friendly cafe where all are welcome, with some offering extended opening hours and providing tasty meals and snacks at great prices.  Look out for special offers.
  • Advice and information on services and activities happening in your area.
  • Access to extra support when you need it.
  • Opportunity to become a volunteer, sharing your skills and experience to help other families.

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