At St Cuthbert’s, we have several staff who are trained to support children with a programme called RAINBOWS.
RAINBOWS provides support for children by helping them to work through the grief process associated with painful changes in family circumstances or significant loss.
The RAINBOWS programme provides a safe setting for children and young people to talk through their feelings with others who are experiencing similar situations.  They are helped to articulate their feelings by a trained adult facilitator whom they know and trust.
Confidentiality is kept at all times unless a child or young person is at risk, in which case our safeguarding procedures are followed.
If ever you think your child would benefit from this small group programme please contact their class teacher.
The RAINBOWS programme is suitable for a range of ages within primary school.  Part of the RAINBOWS programme is called ‘SUNBEAMS’ and this enables us to work with our younger children in Early Years.