Sports Gallery

Orienteering at Hardwick Park

Key Stage 2 went to Hardwick Park to learn how to read maps, use a compass and other useful map skills. They then used these skills to complete the orienteering course around the park.

Year 3 Netball Skills Festival

Year 3 went to Durham University Sports Hall to take part in a netball skills festival. They played lots of games and learned some new skills that they could apply to their PE lessons back at school.



Some children from Year 4, 5 and 6 took part in a football tournament at Northfield School. Despite cold weather, the children absolutely loved it and performed amazingly to come 4th!


Rickshaw Challenge for Children in Need

For Children in Need, we took part in our own Rickshaw Challenge. Our children wore non-uniform and donated money, they then used balance bikes, scooters and body boards to travel around our playground. All our children took part and it was lots of fun!


Dance Extravaganza

In Autumn term, the children all studied dance in their PE lessons. They choreographed and learned a routine which they then performed to the rest of the school during the Dance Extravaganza.


Skateboard workshops

The whole school took part in skateboarding workshops where they learned the importance of wearing safety equipment, learned how to jump on and off a skateboard and, with the help of their partners, learned how to balance and move on a skateboard.


Sports Leader Training

Some of our Year 5 and Year 6 children were chosen to become Sports Leaders and were taken to Durham University Sports Campus to take part in their training. This involved learning new games and competitions that can be set up at playtimes and lunchtimes and tournaments that can be done during PE lessons.


Year 3 Tag Rugby Festival

Year 3 took part in a tag rugby festival where they learned lots of new skills that could be applied to their PE lessons back at school.


Basketball player assembly

We had the pleasure of welcoming James Thomson, a basketball player from Teesside Lions, into our school for an active assembly. James told us all about basketball, how he started to play at a young age and he also revealed that he is an ex pupil of St Cuthbert’s! Some of our children took part in some basketball skills with James and we all took part in a Teesside Lions chant and pose.