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Advice re Childcare places

Corona Virus update for parents 1.4.2020

NHS issued factsheet for children

SEN Resource Source Child Friendly Document

Mindheart.co explanation for kids shared by Local Authority

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Update to parents 20.3.2020

Corona Virus update for parents.docx

update to parents 19.3.2020

Government guidance is that ALL children wherever possible should stay at home. This is inclusive of all children regardless of need. However, if both parents are key workers or a single parent is a key worker, they may need a place in school. Please complete our survey to let us know if your eligible under the criteria that can be found on the government website. We will be in touch with you regarding information from Monday.

Click here for Key Worker Survey


I regret all planned First Holy Communion meetings are cancelled – we will advise you of any future plans when we can.