Whole School Pictures

Shine Festival 2018


A Christmas Carol

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ViviLnkViviLnk      KeyStage 2 Nativity

Cattle And Cane

ViviLnk   ViviLnk

Jack from yr6  “I enjoyed working with  my class on the composition of the song”.

ViviLnk  ViviLnk   ViviLnk

Daisy Yr5 “I enjoyed working in groups sharing ideas”.

ViviLnk  ViviLnk  ViviLnk

Ethan Yr4 ” Singing the song in the hall was my favourite part”.

ViviLnk  Leza Yr3 “It was a fun day working with my friends and singing.”

E. Safety Workshop

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Little Sprouts Dojo Reward

ViviLnk  Ha


Tegan Yr4 “It was an awesome day, making biscuits and working with my brother.”r

Harry Yr5 “This was great fun learning new skills with my mum”.


Hannah Yr6 ” It was a fun day. It Year 3 Trip to Mr Drake’s Bookshop

Recently Year 3 had the privilege of attending Mr Drake’s bookshop which is situated in the ‘Enterprise Arcade’ in Stockton. This was part of the ‘Guinness Book of Records’ attempt to try to beat the record of having the most children taking part in a written competition as part of ‘World Book Day’. Mr Drake was very impressed with the behaviour of year 3 students and commented on how they were a credit to St Cuthbert’s School.  Mr Drake set them a competition whilst they were in his shop and he was very impressed with their concentration and commitment to finishing the task set.

The following Friday Mr Drake attended our assembly to announce the winners of the competition he set, again he praised the children for their outstanding behaviour and invited all the children to his shop to choose a book for ‘World Book Day’, using the £1 voucher they will receive on ‘World Book Day’.  He expressed his amazement at how well the children scored in what he described as being  “A very tricky competition which had himself and some of the adults really having to think of answers to some of the questions.”  The picture below shows the winning team ‘The Lego Friends’  Ellie-Ann, Amelia and Leza with their prize which was a £5.00 book token.


Good afternoon,

Just a quick message to thank you for suggesting a group come and see us Yesterday – they were brilliant! Once again the Arcade was a buzz of young people and once again they did the school proud. Please pass on my thanks to the staff and thank you again. I look forward to seeing classes here soon or me popping back in to school for some speaking and listening.

Richard Drake

The Day ‘The Planetarium’ Came To School.

Tuesday the 1st of March was the day ‘The Planetarium’ came to school and the children had the opportunity to see the stars during the day in a special blow up dome. The children crawled into the dome then were seated, each class had a different experience whilst in the dome and below are some of the comments from the children:

IMG_0073    Year 3:  Sola: I thought it was brilliant when the stars came out.  We were sat in darkness and then suddenly it looked like there were a million stars above us.   Tom:  It was really interesting Mr McCue told us a story about North, South, East and West and gave us a rhyme so that we could remember them ‘Never Eat Shredded Wheat’.  He also told us how all the planets go around the Sun and that they spin as they go.  

Year 4:  Morgan: It was amazing I got to sit right in the middle and saw all the different  stars.  Mr McCue explained to use that they were called consolations and he pointed out the Big Bear and Little Bear to us.  Abigail: I loved it and thought it was very exciting. When Mr McCue pointed out the Big Bear and the Little Bear consolations to us he told us a very interesting story about them. 

Year 5:  Aneta: I thought it was great fun, Mr McCue explained about the different consolations pointing out the Big Bear and Little Bear he showed us how to make patterns and animals from looking at the stars from different angles.  Victor: I found it very interesting he showed us a Swan, the Big Bear and Little Bear, then showed us a model of the sun and named all the planets around it.

Year 6:  Charlotte: I thought it was fantastic very interesting and informative.  Mr McCue told us some stories about the stars and said that they were Greek Myths.  Colin:  I thought it was fascinating I didn’t realise there were so many stars and different consolations.  Mr McCue told us that a lot of the consolations had stories behind them and explained this by telling us a few Greek Myths.

World Book Day

Below are some pictures from our world book day. The children and staff made a great effort dressing up as characters from their class book.  We also had the privilage of having an author in school for the day Mr David Jowsey, he worked with all the classes and they all enjoyed the different tasks they were doing with him. 

IMG_0191       IMG_0185    IMG_0173     IMG_0124 (2)    IMG_0120 (2)    IMG_0118 (2)

St Cuthbert’s Day

Here are some pictures from our St Cuthbert’s Day Assembly.

IMG_0221 Our Patron Saint. Year 6 IMG_0218 Year 5

IMG_0216 Year 4    IMG_0213 Year 3

IMG_0213  Year 2   IMG_0211  Year 1

IMG_0210  Reception

Easter Pageant


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IMG_0187   IMG_0194    IMG_0196

IMG_0200   IMG_0206   IMG_0218

IMG_0228    IMG_0233

‘He is Risen’  Decorating the Cross.

        IMG_0293   IMG_0298   IMG_0299   IMG_0302   IMG_0310   IMG_0314   IMG_0323   IMG_0139

British History/Values


IMG_0172     IMG_0157   IMG_0159    IMG_0163 IMG_0162   IMG_0170   IMG_0025   IMG_0027   IMG_0033          IMG_0040   IMG_0043   IMG_0047  IMG_0053  IMG_0122   IMG_0125   IMG_0128  IMG_0130  IMG_0132  IMG_0136

The Queen Visits the school.

IMG_0252  IMG_0254   IMG_0256IMG_0267 IMG_0276 IMG_0338 IMG_0342  IMG_0348  IMG_0352  IMG_0357 IMG_0361  IMG_0366 IMG_0553   Alfie I really enjoyed this day, it was fun throwing a plane at the Queen

Elissa Mrs Douglass looked funny as a Queen.

British History/Values Assembly St George’s Day.

IMG_0129  IMG_0133  IMG_0136 IMG_0171  IMG_0186   IMG_0178  IMG_0194  IMG_0207  IMG_0208  IMG_0215  IMG_0229   IMG_0235

Guinness Book of records attempt

Year 3 were presented with a certificate this week to commemerate their help in acheiving a world record for the most children taking part in a written competition at one time. Mr Drake came along from his shop which is situated in the ‘Enterprise Arcade’ in Stockton to present the children with their certificate and to thank them for their participation. 


Fair Trade Tuck Shop

The fair trade children held a tuck shop this week selling all fair trade products to their friends for between twenty and thirty pence. It was very well received by the other children.

IMG_0142IMG_0146 IMG_0149   IMG_0151

IMG_0154IMG_0158 IMG_0161   Ethan I love having our fair trade tuck shop.

Lily The hot chocolate tasted good.

Artist visit.  Making a silk painting to celebrate the Queens 90th Birthday.

TVA St Cuthbert's Queen's Birthday Year 4 Day 2 (1)  Alfie: I really enjoyed it, it was one of the best art pieces we gave ever done.         Blessinda: I enjoyed the art day because the artist taught me how to do things I could never do.

TVA St Cuthbert's Queen's Birthday Year 4 Day 2 (10)  Elle-Mai: I was really shocked to see what Stockton looked like in a painting.   Okowo: I loved seeing a real artist, because I have never seen one before and never thought I would get that chance.

TVA St Cuthbert's Queen's Birthday Year 4 Day 2 (12)  Lilly-May: I liked that my dad came in and helped me and other people.   Lewis B: I liked painting together as a team and taking our time to complete it.

TVA St Cuthbert's Queen's Birthday Year 4 Day 2 (22)   Rochelle: I enjoyed taking part in  something that we all contributed to.  Kaycee: I enjoyed learning how to do the bunting because it’s fun and imaginative to think about what the Queen would see on the River Tees.

TVA St Cuthbert's Queen's Birthday Year 4 Day 2 (25)   Lewis F: I loved that we used silk paint.   Jasmine: I was very shocked that there was a real artist in the classroom which brought it more to life.

TVA St Cuthbert's Queen's Birthday Year 4 Day 2 (32)   Danny: I liked to colour in the crowns and painting.  Teagan: I really enjoyed it because the artist was there and she was funny.   Hollie: I liked doing the bunting because I like drawing.

Our silk paintings on display in Stockton.

IMG_0746   IMG_0752  IMG_0753  IMG_0754  IMG_0755   Lewis B  I felt so proud to see my work in the tent.   Tia I showed my mam which part I had painted

Rosalind Beardshaw’s visit to our school

IMG_0291  IMG_0292  IMG_0296 

Ore: It was good.  Kate: I liked the books. The lady was a good drawer.  James: It was awesome I liked the drawing.  Joseph: It was amazing I liked the pictures. Medgee: I liked the butterfly in the story.

IMG_0298    IMG_0320  IMG_0340  IMG_0352  IMG_0354  IMG_0357  IMG_0358

Battle of the classes.  Rounders.

   IMG_0157 Jaathushan I really enjoyed it even though I lost it was good fun.  

 Alfie I felt good when I managed to hit the ball with the bat. I liked playing against year 3 as it made it feel like we were playing a real team.                                                

Jireh It was awesome.IMG_0159

IMG_0156IMG_0166 Sola and Aimee. We thought it was fun and it was great working together as a team.  Blessinda It was really fun and healthy competition. I didn’t think I couldt the ball but I did. I liked the teachers watching as they cheered us on.

IMG_0171 Carter I enjoyed playing as a team and having fun. The teachers and other team helped us when we didn’t know when to run.  Kaycee t was really exciting and I liked playing as a team and as a year group.

IMG_0177   IMG_0182  IMG_0201

Year 2’s Pirate Assembly

IMG_0719   IMG_0734  IMG_0748             Liam: I enjoyed sharing our assembly with parents.

IMG_0757  IMG_0760  IMG_0762                       Zac; I liked sharing my work.

IMG_0767  IMG_0776 IMG_0797 IMG_0800 Sara: I enjoyed using the microphone I sounded funny.

The Choir Remember The ‘Battle of The Somme’.

IMG_0027  IMG_0041  IMG_0043  IMG_0049  IMG_0051