Y3 2020

Making parachutes in DT

As part of our Mighty Metals topic, we learned about parachutes and air resistance. We then designed and made our own parachutes and tested them out.



World Book Day 2020

Here are some photos from World Book Day. We had a visit from Mike from the library who shared some stories with us. We dressed up as our favourite book characters and took part in lots of different activities. The day before World Book Day, we went to Drake’s Book Shop to listen to some stories and to choose our own book with our voucher.


Baking cakes for the Fairtrade cake sale

We worked in groups to make some chocolate chip cupcakes to help raise money for Fairtrade.


Map skills and orienteering trip to Hardwick Park

We went to Hardwick Park to learn how to read maps, use a compass and other useful map skills. We then used these skills to complete the orienteering course.


Making bread

As part of our Scrumdiddlyumptious topic, we followed a recipe to make wholemeal bread. For most of the class, this was their first time every making bread. We were very happy with how our loaves turned out!



Making smoothies

As part of our Scrumdiddlyumptious topic, we followed a recipe and made healthy banana and strawberry smoothies. They were delicious!


Netball skills festival

We went to Durham University Sports Hall to take part in a Netball Skills Festival. We played lots of games and leaned some new skills.


Making predator collages

We used a range of materials to make collages of some different predators that we learned about throughout our topic.


Dissecting owl pellets

As part of our Predator topic, we dissected owl pellets to see exactly what they had been eating. We use charts to identify which small animals the different owls had eaten.


Skateboarding workshop

We took part in a skateboarding workshop. We learned the importance of wearing safety equipment, learned how to jump on and off a skateboard and, with the help of our partners, learned how to balance and move on a skateboard.


Visit from North York Moors  Birds of Prey

We had a visit from North York Moors Birds of Prey Centre and their incredible birds. They even let one of them fly around the hall!


Animal encounter session with Kirkleatham Owl Centre

We had a visit from Kirkleatham Owl Centre and some of the animals that they keep there. They brought a snake, an owl and a rat!


Identifying predators/prey and making food chains

In our science lesson, we looked at predators and prey and used our knowledge of them to make food chains.


Visiting the library

We walked down to Stockton Library where we had a few different stories read to us. Some of us signed up for library cards as well.


Building bridges in DT

We looked at bridges as part of our topic Flow and then designed and made our own bridges using straws in DT.


Making water wheels in DT

We learned about hydroelectric power and how it is used to generate electricity. We then had a go at making and testing out our own water wheels using plastic cups, plates, straws and tape.


Science lesson looking at different types of soil

We looked and felt different types of soil to identify how they are different and how they are similar.


Using water colours to paint abstract water patterns

As part of our Flow topic, we learned how to paint with water colours and experimented with creating different moods with our colours.


School trip to North Yorkshire Moors National Park

We visited North Yorkshire Moors National Park for  River Investigation Day. We measured the depth and width of the river, looked for insects that lived there and measured the flow rate of the river.


Tag rugby festival

We took part in a tag rugby festival where we learned lots of new skills that we could apply to our PE lessons back at school.