Y4 2020

DT Making Viking Rune Stones

The children spent an afternoon researching how to write their own names in Viking Runes. They then used clay to make their Viking Rune stone and carved their own name into them.

Making contour lines from bicycle wheels

In Geography, the children learnt all about contour lines and why they are used during our, ‘Misty Mountain’ topic. During this Art lesson, the children worked in groups and used different materials to illustrate different contour lines.

Hardwick Park Potions trip

During our, ‘Potions’ topic, we went on a trip to Hardwick Park. Here we took part in lots of different activities. This included a scavenger hunt, using materials around the park to make our own potions and creating a mini explosion during a Science experiment!

Parent Art and DT afternoon

As part of our, ‘Misty Mountain’ topic Year 4 invited Year 4 parents to join us for an afternoon of Art and DT. Firstly, we researched a famous mountain that we wanted to draw and paint. As you can see from some of the examples below- we have a few budding artists in our class! Then, we also got the chance to make our chosen mountains out of clay- we had lots of fun!

Orienteering trip to Hardwick Park

To aid our orienteering skills, Year 4 went on a trip to Hardwick Park to take part in lots of different orienteering activities. This included: looking at map symbols, directing each other using a compass and we even got to feed the ducks!

Drake’s Book Shop- World Book Day 2020

To help celebrate World Book Day this year, we went to Drake’s book shop, where we had lots of fun! Drake shared lots of funny, interactive stories with us and we even got to chose our own book to take home using our World Book Day vouchers!

Library Visit with Mike

Year 4 love to read! One afternoon, Year 4 went to visit Mike at the library. Whilst we were there, Mike shared some books with us, took us on a tour around the library and even gave us our own library cards- now we can visit the library ourselves and borrow our own books!

Performance Poetry

As part of their English work, Year 4 worked hard on creating their own poems- which they then shared with the class! Everyone loved to hear each others poems and giving each other peer feedback.