Y5 2020

World Book Day

Year 5 had an amazing day on World Book Day. We decorated eggs, shared our favourite books through showing our costumes, and we were lucky enough to see Mike from the library again. He read some of Roald Dahl’s Revolting Rhymes to us, which were extremely funny!

Marble Roller Coaster Experiment

Year 5 completed an experiment to find out which height a marble needed to be dropped from in order to complete a loop the loop. We discovered that it needed to be dropped from a larger height in order to complete the loop.

Miss Shaw’s Roller Coaster Experience

To begin our topic Scream Machine, our classroom was transformed into a roller coaster for Miss Shaw’s roller coaster experience! We rode lots of rides together including a log flume where we were splashed with water. We ended the day with some popcorn to make it really feel like we were at a theme park. 

Library Visit

Visiting the library was extremely exciting! We were lucky enough to have a tour of all the facilities, and Mike read some of his favourite books to us. We were shown how to borrow books from the library and some children even took books home that very day.

Building Pyramids

After researching about the different Pharaohs from Ancient Egypt, Year 5 were set the challenge of building pyramids. They were given wooden blocks, lego, sugar cubes and biscuits and had 5 minutes to create their best pyramid in groups. Here are some of our creations!

Dorman Museum – Astronaut Workshop

Year 5 had a great time at the Dorman Museum on their workshop. They were given their very own spacesuits and were taught all about the importance of being a team player. In groups, they completed the astronaut test to see if they had what it takes to be an astronaut!

Moon Surface Sewing

Year 5 amazed me with their sewing skills! They created the texture of the moon using lots of different, imaginative stitches and techniques.

Making a Henry VIII Head

Year 5 had a wonderful time creating a papier-mâché Henry VIII Head for out headless Henry VIII manikin.

Skateboard Workshop

The children took part in a great workshop learning to skateboard from a professional!