Year 3 (19-20) Today’s Work

Friday 17th July



Click the link below, read the gospel story and discuss the questions with your family.

RE 17.7.20


Word of the day:

Today’s word is ‘consistently’.

  1. Use a dictionary or google to find the word class
  2. Use a dictionary or google to find the definition
  3. Write a sentence using this word. Try to include an expanded noun phrase and a conjunction. Remember your punctuation.



Using the picture below and your answers to the questions from yesterday, write your own story about the picture. You can use the story starter or start another way.


He just couldn’t help himself because he had always been greedy, fat rat.

Up until this moment, he had never been spotted by a human. Now, that was about to change…



My Maths

Use the login information sent via Marvellous Me to access the worksheet on This worksheet must be completed by Friday 17th July.



Open the link below, watch the video and complete the geography activities.

BBC Bitesize Geography



Fit and funky Friday:

Activity: Today tackle the Fit & Funky Flamingo Balance from British Judo. Get creative whilst balancing on one leg!

  • Lift one leg off the floor and balance for minimum of 10 seconds to start and then adapt the challenge.
  • Switch the leg you balance on
  • Put your other leg into different positions to keep you balanced
  • Create as many different positions as you can

Challenge: Add in a hop forwards, backwards and to the side.

*We would love to see photos of you completing this challenge! Please send any photos to your class teacher using the email address at the top of this page*


Online activities:

Complete at least 20 minutes on Times Tables Rockstars.

Take part in this week’s class competition on TTR and remember, there will be certificates sent via Marvellous Me for the ‘Class Leader of the Week’ and the ‘Most Improved of the Week’.