Year 5 (19-20) Today’s Work

Friday 17th July

Please forward some work or any questions to


It is a shame that our time was cut short; but do not have dismay,
This year has been so wonderful; it is important that I say.
We’ve had so many lovely times; with fun along the way, 
Your smiles have always cheered me up on each and every day.
Time flew by quickly and you are all growing fast, 
I can’t believe it has been 5 months since you all rode Miss Shaw’s roller coaster with a fast pass. 
Your next teacher’s the lucky one – I’m certain this is true,
Because they get to teach and spend the time next year with you. 
So remember you’re all fantastic, absolute shining stars, 
Thank you for an amazing year, keep it up superstars!

Have a wonderful summer holiday Year 5!

Stay Safe,
Miss Shaw & Mrs Williams

Reading Update
In readiness for keeping your child reading over the summer, please check that your child has access to one of the following reading programmes; IDL, Lexia or Reading Plus. Reading is the VERY best way you can support your child as it stimulates their imagination and expands their understanding of the world. It helps them develop language and listening skills and has a direct impact on their written work. Please contact Mrs Ashworth at with any log in concerns.



Share the scripture – Matthew 13:24-43 and discuss the given questions. End by saying the given closing prayer.



Word Of The Day

Today’s word is electrify

1.Use a dictionary or google to find the dictionary definition.
2.Use a dictionary or google to find a synonym.
3.Use a dictionary or google to find the antonym.
4.Write an amazing sentence using the word. Try to include a sentence opener and an expanded noun phrase. Remember your correct punctuation.



In this lesson, we are going to write a character description.



Try and solve the mystery of the burgled bangers! Go through the different clues in the booklet below to try to find out what happened!

The Mystery of the Burgled Bangers Instruction Sheet Year 5

The Mystery of the Burgled Bangers Activity Sheets



Design your own cupcake using the template below. You might even be able to bake these cakes over the summer!

Design a cupcake



Fit and funky Friday:

Activity: Today tackle the Fit & Funky Flamingo Balance from British Judo. Get creative whilst balancing on one leg!

  • Lift one leg off the floor and balance for minimum of 10 seconds to start and then adapt the challenge.
  • Switch the leg you balance on
  • Put your other leg into different positions to keep you balanced
  • Create as many different positions as you can

Challenge: Add in a hop forwards, backwards and to the side.

Challenge: When it is your turn to bat, count how many balls you face before you get out. Try and beat your score the next time you are in bat.

Aim for at least 1 hour of exercise daily. This could be broken into 6x 10 minute blocks if preferred.

  • Body Coach Live. Open the following link to access The Body Coach YouTube page for today’s live children’s workout at 9am.
  • Body Coach 5 min school workout (YouTube)
  • Just Dance (YouTube)
  • BBC Supermovers
  • Go for a walk/play ball games/bike ride/scooter etc.

If you are unable to access online material, use example below for suggested 5 minute workout:

40 seconds star jumps, 20 seconds rest

40 seconds spot sprint, 20 seconds rest

40 seconds squats, 20 seconds rest

40 seconds ladder climbs, 20 seconds rest

40 seconds plank, 20 seconds rest


Online Education

Your child has been given the login information for the online learning resources listed below:

  • Reading Plus
  • Timestable Rockstars
  • Spelling Shed
  • MyMaths

We ask that your child completes 60 minutes of each programme per week