Year 6 (19-20) Today’s Work

Friday 17th July


Reading Update

In readiness for keeping your child reading over the summer, please check that your child has access to one of the following reading programmes; IDL, Lexia or Reading Plus.  Reading is the VERY best way you can support your child as it stimulates their imagination and expands their understanding of the world. It helps them develop language and listening skills and has a direct impact on their written work. Please contact Mrs Ashworth at with any log in concerns.



Share the scripture – Matthew 13:24-43 and discuss the given questions. End by saying the given closing prayer.



Word of the Day  

Today’s word is ‘endeavor’

What word class is this? (Noun, Adjective, Verb, Adverb)

Can you find any synonyms for this word?

Can you find any antonyms for this word?

Can you use the word in a sentence?



Have a look at the ‘Recipe for Success in Year 6’ example below:

Today, I would like you to reflect on your time in Year 6. What has been enjoyable? What challenges have you faced? What helped you to overcome challenge?

Write your own version of this ‘Recipe for Success in Year 6’ ready to present to the children coming in to Year 6 in September. 

What will the ingredients be? What will next years Year 6 children need to put in to Year 6 in order to reap success?

Email your completed recipes to me at the top of the page. 



Friday Big Quiz Challenge

Follow the link below to complete this week’s maths challenges.


Access My Maths over the coming week, using your login sent on MME, as new transitional maths activities have been added linked to our learning this week. If you cannot find your login on MME, please email me using the email address at the top of this page.


Creative Curriculum


As it is the last week of term, I would like to focus our remaining afternoon sessions on transition. Follow the link below and work through the ‘Be Awesome Go Big’ transition lessons. Think about how you can make the very best start in your new school and set the foundations for success in KS3 and KS4.




Fit and funky Friday:

Activity: Today tackle the Fit & Funky Flamingo Balance from British Judo. Get creative whilst balancing on one leg!

  • Lift one leg off the floor and balance for minimum of 10 seconds to start and then adapt the challenge.
  • Switch the leg you balance on
  • Put your other leg into different positions to keep you balanced
  • Create as many different positions as you can

Challenge: Add in a hop forwards, backwards and to the side.

*We would love to see photos of you completing this challenge! Please send any photos to your class teacher using the email address at the top of this page*

Aim for at least 1 hour of exercise daily. This could be broken into 6x 10 minute blocks if preferred.

  • Just Dance (YouTube)
  • BBC Supermovers
  • Go for a walk/play ball games/bike ride/scooter etc.

If you are unable to access online material, use example below for suggested 5 minute workout:

40 seconds star jumps, 20 seconds rest

40 seconds spot sprint, 20 seconds rest

40 seconds squats, 20 seconds rest

40 seconds ladder climbs, 20 seconds rest

40 seconds plank, 20 seconds rest


Online Education

Your child has been given the login information for the online learning resources listed below:

  • Reading Plus
  • Timestable Rockstars
  • Spelling Shed
  • My Maths

We ask that your child completes 60 minutes of each programme per week.