Year 6 (19-20) Today’s Work

The Month of May is the Month of Mary

Pope Francis’ Prayer to Mary for Protection during the COVID–19 Pandemic

O Mary, you shine continuously on our journey as a sign of salvation and hope.
We entrust ourselves to you, Health of the Sick.
At the foot of the Cross you participated in Jesus’ pain,
with steadfast faith.
You, Salvation of the Roman People, know what we need.
We are certain that you will provide, so that,
as you did at Cana of Galilee,
joy and feasting might return after this moment of trial.
Help us, Mother of Divine Love,
to conform ourselves to the Father’s will
and to do what Jesus tells us:
He who took our sufferings upon Himself, and bore our sorrows to bring us,
through the Cross, to the joy of the Resurrection. Amen.
We seek refuge under your protection, O Holy Mother of God.
Do not despise our pleas – we who are put to the test –
and deliver us from every danger,
O glorious and blessed Virgin.


Friday 22nd May

Please forward work or any questions to



Share the scripture John 14:15-21 and discuss the given questions. End by saying the given closing prayer.

Worship – John 14 15-21 – 22.5.20


Word of the Day   – Today’s word is ‘dilapidated’

What word class is this? (Noun, Adjective, Verb, Adverb)

Can you find any synonyms for this word?

Can you find any antonyms for this word?

Can you use the word in a sentence?



Today, you will be writing a diary extract based on the ‘Skellig’ text extracts that you have been looking at this week..

You will have the opportunity to review today’s ‘Word of the Day’. You will also have your spelling test for this week’s spelling rule ‘tion’ words.

Follow the link below to access today’s lesson:

Fancy something a little different?

Why not write a diary entry as one of your favourite book characters? You could recount one of Harry Potters adventures. Alternatively, you could choose a significant event from a book such as Wonder and recount the event from a different characters perspective. Be as creative as you like!

Need more inspiration?

Take a look at the picture from Pobble 365 below ‘The Hidden Temple’


Read the story starter then image you were one of the group exploring the temple. Why are you there? Why is there a feeling of trepidation in the air? Who are you with? why are you in the jungle? Do you venture in to the temple? What do you discover inside?

St Cuthbert’s Recipe Corner

Our very own St. Cuthbert’s Recipe Corner is opening this week on Facebook.  Your challenge is to write (or draw) your favourite recipes. Mrs Ashworth will be following  and making these recipes to create your delicious food so make sure that you include every step!  Our hope is to eventually turn your work into a real book of recipes.   Please email them to .




Complete the attached Year 6 arithmetic. You may print the paper to record your answers on, or copy and complete answers in your book.

Arithmetic Paper 5

Friday Family Maths Challenge

Have a go at the family maths challenge below.

Follow the link to see Q 1 – 7 (answers are included at the bottom of the page)

Email our class email at the top of this page to let me know how you did!

Access My Maths over the coming week, using your login sent on MME, as new activities will be set today. If you cannot find your login on MME, please email me using the email address at the top of this page.


Creative Curriculum


Over the last couple of weeks, we have been exploring Scratch and using it to create animations.

Today, I would like you to follow the link to BBC Bitesize below to learn more about what makes a good computer game, and follow the instructions to try and make a game of your own.

The lesson includes two video clips and two activities.

Activity 1: Character Design

Activity 2:

Want a challenge?

Why not explore some of the other computing lessons on Bitesize?

Could you create your own Avatar?



Fit and funky Friday:

Activity: Can you move like a Ninja, Master the Pokemon or feel the force of the Jedi? Why not try out the workouts and see how athletic you are.

Visit ‘Stockton Schools Sports Partnership’ Facebook page to find the workouts.

Challenge: Can you design your own fitness workout for a movie or cartoon character.

*We would love to see photos of you completing this challenge! Please send any photos to your class teacher using the email address at the top of this page*

Aim for at least 1 hour of exercise daily. This could be broken into 6x 10 minute blocks if preferred.

  • Body Coach Live. Open the following link to access The Body Coach YouTube page for today’s live children’s workout at 9am.
  • Body Coach 5 min school workout (YouTube)
  • Just Dance (YouTube)
  • BBC Supermovers
  • Go for a walk/play ball games/bike ride/scooter etc.

If you are unable to access online material, use example below for suggested 5 minute workout:

40 seconds star jumps, 20 seconds rest

40 seconds spot sprint, 20 seconds rest

40 seconds squats, 20 seconds rest

40 seconds ladder climbs, 20 seconds rest

40 seconds plank, 20 seconds rest



Online Education

Your child has been given the login information for the online learning resources listed below:

  • Reading Plus
  • Timestable Rockstars
  • Spelling Shed
  • My Maths

We ask that your child completes 60 minutes of each programme per week.